My 1st post on the new site

I was not pleased with my previous blog site, and in my attempt to update the core database, I killed it.  So, here I am starting a new site focused on my interests.  If you are actually reading this my guess you thinking, get to it man what is this site about! 

Well, the list is long but here are the top 5 for the site are …

  1. Woodcarving.
  2. Flyfishing.
  3. The family or more specifically about our Grandsons.
  4. Home repair and maintenance.
  5. Computer and security systems.

The plan is to create new content and anything that is slated for reposting is to be updated.  I hope that you return to see what is new.  I don’t have a posting schedule yet. 

Thank you for visiting and happy carving.


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