Quality woodcarving knifes

Deepwoods Ventures handmade forged  carving knifes.

The most affordable carving tool is one that will be around for years!

That is exactly what you get when you purchase a carving knife from Deepwoods Ventures. These hand forged carving knifes hold  a sharp edge. Combine that with the maple burl handles, these knifes will last a lifetime and possibly your grand children’s lifetime as well.

The Deepwoods carving tools are individually forged from 1095 high carbon steel round stock, the benefit of this kind of steel is that it produces a nice hardness that can be easily sharpened and stay sharp for a long time. The steel is first pounded flat with a hammer and anvil. Next the blades go to the grinder/sander, where they are smoothed down and given their rough shape. Then they are quenched and triple tempered. Finally, the knife will go through a series of finish grinds, to give it the exact shape. Then onto buffing, to make it shiny, and last it is sharpened and tested before going to the customer.
Visit their wesbsite at www.deepwoodsventures.com

So what brand of carving knife or knives do you use? Use the simple comment section below to let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Quality woodcarving knifes”

  1. I agree, I’ve a couple of their knives and use them alot. Found them a great company to deal with.

  2. I have 3 Deepwood knives and love them, they hold an edge real nice. Mine needed some honing before I could use them.


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