Mary May – Techniques for Beginning Woodcarvers

Mary May is an accomplished woodcarver and instructor from Charleston, South Carolina.
Mary has produced the following fantastic video, which demonstrates the proper usage of gouges an V-tools.  In the video, Mary also identifies the how tools, can cut both, with and against, the wood grain in the same cut.

Mary May has also a featured guest on The Woodwrights Shop on

Mary May, is a carver that inspires me to continue developing my carving skills. She openly talks about her woodcarving beginnings and how she has developed her skills over time.   Knowing her history and viewing the masterful carvings she produces today, is an encouragement for me to continue developing my skills.  I am sure to never reach Mary’s level of carving, but the more I learn and the more enjoyable my hobby becomes.  I may even vacation in historical Charleston and contact Mary for an individual carving class.

Happy Carving,


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