Equality in Heaven – Angel project

Basswood Angel
Basswood Angel

Wood Species: Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Walnut, Aspen Pine, Mahogany.
Finish Used: Gloss Lacquer
Tools Used: Bench Knife, Assorted Gouges, Power Carving Burs, Carving Vise.

This project like most of my wood carving projects was found in a Woodcarving Illustrated Holiday 2006 Issue #37 publication (Herby’s Angel). I found a roughout of this angel project can be purchased online from White River Crafts. I prefer to cut patterns using a bandsaw, but if you do not have these tools available, a rough out can be a good place to start.

This pattern can be found online at www.whiterivercrafts.com/Herby’s%20Angel.pdf

I enjoyed carving this angel, and even though this looks like a simple wood carving project I found working the thin wings a challenge. The curvature of the wings caused a caving problem with the wood grain traveling in two directions and this causing hand tools to dig in instead of making a clean cut. To resolve this I used hand tools to cut accross the grain and also a small power carver.

Cherry Angel Block
Cherry Angel Block

After carving the second angel from a Butternut block, I have decided to carve six of these angels to display under the title of “Equality in Heaven”. The idea of carving this project from different species began with only two, Basswood and Butternut. But after seeing the two angels side by side the idea of creating a heavenly Choir formed and the project expanded to six species of, Aspin Pine, Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut. At the time of this writing I am working on the Cherry angel as shown.

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