Christmas Tree Topper Carving

Carving - Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Topper Carving

Christmas Tree Topper

Carved for Indiana grown basswood, this tree topper took two weeks to carve and two days to paint.
This project was carved from 2″ stock and measures 12″ in height. The stand is fashioned from #10 copper ground wire.
This project came from WoodCarving Illustrated.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Topper Carving”

  1. That’s my hubby! he does incredible project as a hobby.
    What a joy to have his finished projects in our home 🙂

  2. Just came across this beautifully crafted Angel while googling Christmas Angel Tree Toppers. Such a great job – wish I had time to do this for gallery opening fundraiser in 10 days! Maybe I’ll try it for my own tree. Doubt if it would be a nice as yours though since the only thing I have ever carved was a pencil holder from a Cypress knee and it took me 2 weeks 🙂

    I will definitely be checking out the rest of your blog!
    God Bless and have a Merry Christmas this year!

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