Bellamy Styled Eagle

Basswood Bellamy Styled Eagle
Basswood Bellamy Styled Eagle

Wood Species: Basswood (Native Indiana)
Finish Used: Acrylic paints, Gloss Lacquer, Bees Wax
Tools Used: Bench Knife, Assorted Gouges, Power Carving Burs.

This project was found in the pages of Carving Magazine Issue#23. This pattern was modeled after the famous eagle carvings from John Haley Bellamy. John Bellamy’s lived in in the early 19th century and during his life in Maine, he created some amazing eagle carvings. You can see a sample of his carvings on Wikipedia.

The Bellamy styled eagle that I carved and pictured here was carved from two pieces of native Indiana basswood. The head and the wings are glued and screwed together. From wing tip to wing tip the carving measures 37 inches.

I finished the carving by painting with acrylic paints and them coated with Deft Lacquer. Once the Lacquer was fully dried I finished with bees wax and buffed with soft cotton rags.

Overall this carving was fun and very meaningful. It currently is displayed in our home along with military pictures of our fathers, brothers, son, and close friends.

4 thoughts on “Bellamy Styled Eagle”

  1. Fred,
    Thank you for your interest in the Bellamy eagle.
    I have seen molded copies of Bellamy styled eagles in decorating stores such as Hobby Lobby. But if you are wanting on that is just like the one pictured, than I would have to say I would have to say that someone would have to carve it for you.

    Thanks again,

  2. Well Fred. You just can’t get one just like the one here as I custom carved this one. If you are truly interested in one, I will be taking commission orders again in August 2012. This seems like a long time, but I am busy and cannot book any new projects until then.
    Thank you for your interest in my hand carved Bellamy eagle.

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