Low Cost Texturing Punches

Carving Budget Series

Woodcarving tools can be very expensive. This blog post contains a video on how to make texturing punches for less than a meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.
In the last 6 – 9 months my woodcarving interests have turned towards relief carving.   In my studies of relief carving, I found that a textured background is very common.  Texturing the background of a relief carving directs the eye to the subject matter of the carving.

Making low cost texturing punches

To make these textured backgrounds, manufactured punches can be purchased at a premium cost.  In my search for an affordable solution, I stumbled on this wonderful video on how to make your own texturing punches.  The process shown in the video makes a set of textured punches for less than $5.00 using common hand tools.

Click on the following link for more video’s from Woodworking Masterclass
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