Vacation WoodCarving

The question is; Do you leave your carving at home when vacationing?

I fully enjoy woodcarving. We are currently vacationing at Tybee Island GA and let me tell you it is hot! Every day the temperature has exceeded 95 degrees and there is only so much sun and heat this guy can handle. So I turn to my wood carving while the wife is by the pool. This is a win win situation for the both of us. She gets to sunbathe and read while I can sit on our deck looking at the scenery and carving with a fan blowing A/C towards my direction.

Now I know better than to completely immerse myself into the carving, I keep and eye on the clock, take her some cold drinks every so often to let her know I am still here, and to catch up on the pool side conversations. We break from our activities to take in a meal together, to sit in the A/C and talk about our kids and grandkids we left back home in stormy Indiana.

Again, I fully enjoy woodcarving and I have taken it with me on every vacation since the late 90s when I first started. My tools have been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Hawaii, Brown County State Park in Indiana, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, the Gulf Coast of Florida, and many shorter shopping trips. I have never had any issues with caving any place, which includes a cruise ship.

Leave comments as to the unique locations you have traveled with your carving projects and tools.

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