Deepwoods Ventures handmade forged  carving knifes.

The most affordable carving tool is one that will be around for years!

That is exactly what you get when you purchase a carving knife from Deepwoods Ventures. These hand forged carving knifes hold  a sharp edge. Combine that with the maple burl handles, these knifes will last a lifetime and possibly your grand children’s lifetime as well. (more…)

Finding carving wood

I have many folks as where do I come up with my carving wood supply.
The answer is everywhere!
I look for trees that need to be trimmed in my neighborhood. I have located three Butternut trees that I keep a very close eye on.  If I hear a chainsaw running you bet I’ll be the good neighbor and offered my assistance to carry away those heavy logs.
Since I live in Indiana, Basswood trees grow everywhere. If you have a nature trail in your area take a walk, often you can find fallen limbs that can be saved from rotting away. Yes, I know that the basswood that grows in Indiana is just not the same quality that grows in Minnesota or Wisconsin, but free is free.  When I want a really nice piece of straight grained basswood, I turn to a supplier from one of those states. I recommend Heinecke Wood Products because they offer a quality products and an inexpensive price. Don’t just take my word for it, check out their website at

Take a walk and check out the trees around you. You may just find enough carving wood to keep you very busy.
Happy carving,

Equality in Heaven – Angel project

Basswood Angel
Basswood Angel

Wood Species: Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Walnut, Aspen Pine, Mahogany.
Finish Used: Gloss Lacquer
Tools Used: Bench Knife, Assorted Gouges, Power Carving Burs, Carving Vise.

This project like most of my wood carving projects was found in a Woodcarving Illustrated Holiday 2006 Issue #37 publication (Herby’s Angel). I found a roughout of this angel project can be purchased online from White River Crafts. I prefer to cut patterns using a bandsaw, but if you do not have these tools available, a rough out can be a good place to start. Continue reading Equality in Heaven – Angel project