Deepwoods Ventures handmade forged  carving knifes.

The most affordable carving tool is one that will be around for years!

That is exactly what you get when you purchase a carving knife from Deepwoods Ventures. These hand forged carving knifes hold  a sharp edge. Combine that with the maple burl handles, these knifes will last a lifetime and possibly your grand children’s lifetime as well. (more…)

Woodcarving is a good stress reliever

I work in a profession where burnout is a huge problem. I am an IT professional where there is always a hot project or a customer need, or something. It is never ending and sometimes it is impossible to take 30 minutes of uninterrupted to have lunch.

I just read and article by Brein Posey posted on TechRepublic that talks about the 10 things IT folk need to do to avoid burnout.

I think the advice in this article can be applied to any occupation. Item number 4-Blow off some steam really got me thinking about my own hobbies and more specifically about woodcarving. Continue reading Woodcarving is a good stress reliever

Hand Forged or Ground from Flat Stock? Which is a better knife?

The following article about carving knives is from the pages of, where you can find more interesting information regarding carving knifes and carving in general.

Woodcarvers are on a constant search for the perfect carving knife. In that search, they sometimes ask me which is better, a forged knife or a ground stock removal knife?

Continue reading Hand Forged or Ground from Flat Stock? Which is a better knife?

Are you intrested in Chip Carving?

Chip Carving

Chip carving is a simple process but gives a complex yet elegant look to your project. I have always been intrigued how chip carvers maintain that constant uniformity in their designs. In searching the internet I ran across the website my chip carving where I discovered a down to earth teaching video on how to hold the chip carving knifes and more.
So if you are intrested in learning how to chip carving I recommend going to

Christmas Tree Topper Carving

Carving - Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Topper Carving

Christmas Tree Topper

Carved for Indiana grown basswood, this tree topper took two weeks to carve and two days to paint.
This project was carved from 2″ stock and measures 12″ in height. The stand is fashioned from #10 copper ground wire.
This project came from WoodCarving Illustrated.

Loading the strop

Using a strop is the key to keeping your carving tools razor sharp

When woodcarving keeping your tools sharp will produce clean cuts and makes the carving experience more enjoyable. The key in keeping your tools polished and razor sharp is the strop. A “Strop” is a piece of leather that is glued to a flat board. Polishing compound is often applied to the leather, this action is referred as “Loading” the strop.
Since my early days of carving I have always been told Continue reading Loading the strop

Carving wood – Basswood

Basswood Snowment
Basswood Snowment

The Jayland carving club meets every Wednesday eventing at the Jay Community Center in Portland Indiana. Sometimes in our club meetings we working on a common project, and I have the opportunity to instruct the club on carving these snowmen that are pictured. This project will start mid November of 2009 if you are interested.
In preparing for the class I needed to find 2″x2″x4.5″ Basswood for each club member. I turned to Heinecke Wood Products which is located Continue reading Carving wood – Basswood