10 Steps to lower your Bounce Rate

Want to lower the bounce rate of your website? A good start is to follow the following 10 steps.

  1. Good Design: Design your website with easy navigation. Having a easy to understand and use menu system will allow visitors to easily navigate your website.
  2. Focus your Content: Make sure that all your content is relevant to the goals of your website. Having a page or post regarding auto repair on a site that discusses clothing and style will only allow a one-page visit, thus increasing your bounce rate.
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JAVA course started this week.


This week marks the beginning of my studies in JAVA.
Like my other classes in Visual Basic and Communications Writing the first week is full or reading about new concepts and the needs of our programming assignment.

So far, I have found JAVA to be problematic, as the JDK requires special settings that the installation program does not take care of.

Example: the JDK for windows requires that a CLASSPATH be set. CLASSPATH is a system environment setting that is not currently in Windows XP, so you have to add it. (Just one of those undocumented things!)

The documentation for the JDK does tell you the file locations you need to add, but it does not openly tell you that the entry of “.;” (no quotes) is required to make editors like TextPad operate without error.

The first two chapters of our book (Java – Late Objects Version by DEITEL) explains in great detail the requirements of running the JDK and what we need to know in order to complete our first programming assignment. Items such as Methods, Classes, and how to declare variables.

More postings on my new life focus (JAVA) are sure to come, but for now I must get busy with my cup of JAVA!

A week off from college

This weekend is Labor Day weekend and I have the week off from reading assignments, uploading discussion points, and creating code for programming projects.
However, next week our class begins learning JAVA. I have begun reading the first assignment that so far is the history of personal computers and programming. It is very interesting to see how the personal computer and the Internet evolved in just 10 short years to since the first Apple computer was released in 1977. The release of the low cost IBM computer is really what launched the overwhelming interest into computer for home and business.
I have been bad about posing information regarding my studies in Visual Basic. But now I have a week off and plenty of time before the next class. (Yeah right!) and will hope to do better as I begin my JAVA experience.

More later,

Twitter – Loss of robust content

Ok here it is my evaluation of using Twitter as a content generation tool for websites and BLOGS.
I have been using twitter now for almost a year to upload content to this BLOG. At first it was cool to being able to upload 140 characters to my BLOG so that visitors could see that I was mowing the lawn, painting the garage, or even fishing. But it soon lost its luster because the limit of 140 characters to supply quality and interesting content, and I might add – no graphic uploads either. Who wants to know that I am carving a relief carving without seeing a picture of it.
**** BORING*****
So there you have it, my evaluation of why Twitter stinks as a content generation tool. But I see the place where it would be interesting to know if your favorite singer or actor is using the restroom, taking a nap, or eating dinner and Twitter allows you to check up on your BFF to see what they are doing.
Well my twitter uploads will be removed today, (They were boring anyway) and I will begin focusing on woodcarving and more interesting technologies.