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Hand Forged or Ground from Flat Stock? Which is a better knife?

The following article about carving knives is from the pages of, where you can find more interesting information regarding carving knifes and carving in general.

Woodcarvers are on a constant search for the perfect carving knife. In that search, they sometimes ask me which is better, a forged knife or a ground stock removal knife?

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Are you intrested in Chip Carving?

Chip Carving

Chip carving is a simple process but gives a complex yet elegant look to your project. I have always been intrigued how chip carvers maintain that constant uniformity in their designs. In searching the internet I ran across the website my chip carving where I discovered a down to earth teaching video on how to hold the chip carving knifes and more.
So if you are intrested in learning how to chip carving I recommend going to

Christmas Tree Topper Carving

Carving - Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Topper Carving

Christmas Tree Topper

Carved for Indiana grown basswood, this tree topper took two weeks to carve and two days to paint.
This project was carved from 2″ stock and measures 12″ in height. The stand is fashioned from #10 copper ground wire.
This project came from WoodCarving Illustrated.

Carving wood – Basswood

Basswood Snowment
Basswood Snowment

The Jayland carving club meets every Wednesday eventing at the Jay Community Center in Portland Indiana. Sometimes in our club meetings we working on a common project, and I have the opportunity to instruct the club on carving these snowmen that are pictured. This project will start mid November of 2009 if you are interested.
In preparing for the class I needed to find 2″x2″x4.5″ Basswood for each club member. I turned to Heinecke Wood Products which is located Continue reading Carving wood – Basswood

Equality in Heaven – Angel project

Basswood Angel
Basswood Angel

Wood Species: Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Walnut, Aspen Pine, Mahogany.
Finish Used: Gloss Lacquer
Tools Used: Bench Knife, Assorted Gouges, Power Carving Burs, Carving Vise.

This project like most of my wood carving projects was found in a Woodcarving Illustrated Holiday 2006 Issue #37 publication (Herby’s Angel). I found a roughout of this angel project can be purchased online from White River Crafts. I prefer to cut patterns using a bandsaw, but if you do not have these tools available, a rough out can be a good place to start. Continue reading Equality in Heaven – Angel project