Why another BLOG?
The Blog of Jerry Hartzell is a merging of three different web sites into one WordPress BLOG site.  The previous jerryhartzell.com website was solely an online resume made up of traditional HTML web pages that used a common menu to navigate between.  The next site that is being merged is my wood carving site http://woodcarving.sitesby.com where I posted short tutorials and topics for beginning wood carvers.  The third site is a photography gallery that was more of a private family site, and though this BLOG site is intended to be public accessible, some photographs will only be allowed to registered friends and family members.

Many have asked why and I taking the time to merge these three sites together. Don’t you want to keep your professional IT career separate from your hobbies and pastimes? Well, NO. By merging these sites I will cut from three domains (or sub-domains) down to one and thus should cut my administration time down considerably.

Site Purpose
This site is to promote my Information Technology skills in network administration and website development, but also to have a little online fun with my wood carving and photography hobbies.  If I can find a way incorporate my hobbies into my work then it’s more interesting and fun.

Thank you for visiting and I invite you to leave your comments, it is a BLOG after all.
Just one note about postings, positive and negative comments are fine, but rudeness, vulgarity, and just plain distasteful language will not be tolerated or posted.

Thank you again for visiting.

GOD Bless

Jerry Hartzell

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